4 definitions by Danielisugly

An ugly creature that player rl his whole life. He’s disgusting and wants to do anal with squishy muffin and ever rl pro. There have also been rumors that he has sex with thirst.
Why does quicksify dickride drew so much? No one knows.
by Danielisugly August 17, 2020
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An ugly ass niga that has been dick riding drew his whole life. He has a brother that he has never socialized with and has never made it to the Went fag gaming team. He’s also known for his amazing athletic ability and muscle strength.
Aye Thixrst why do you let daniel stick his glawk glawk 3000 inside u
by Danielisugly August 18, 2020
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The leader of Late Night Gaming. We don’t know why he’s the leader he is terrible at every video game he just is cuz he’s the niga smerf. He also looks like an hdmi cord and slit his families throats. He’s also a freak and likes cocks deepthroating into his mouth until it comes out of his ass. He’s also a weird kid. N has a crush on Riley hip oh shi Ight.
Aye is that the niga smarth or thirsts ugly ass
by Danielisugly August 20, 2020
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An ugly retard who would take down Drew’s cock until he gags. He is terrible at every video game even tho he plays all day 25/8. He’s also just ugly lmao like if u Wana see how he looks like dm me on insta @daniel_mansourian if u wanna see a creature like lmk
Aye that sheetskees kid is a natural born creature
by Danielisugly August 20, 2020
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