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When your girlfriend does whatever it takes to act like a "good girl" to your face, and then goes all slutty behind your back.

This goes beyond cheating, and into the realm of allout sluttyness behind a facade of an innocent young girl.

When everything falls apart, camo sluts typically turn mutual friends against you, by spreading BS about why you broke up.
dude1: I thought the sun shined out of her ass, until after we broke up, and I found out she had lied to me about pretty much everything in her life.
dude2: oh yeah?
dude1: turns out she's a bisexual slut who went fucking over a dozen people in the few months we were together. She lied to my parents. She lied about her past. She "gave up" drugs and alcohol. She even went to church to get everyone thinking she was a "good girl."
dude2: Damn, dude.
dude1: I finally understand why all her friends said "Yeah, EVERYONE knows her." Nobody else knew what was really going on.
dude2: Ohhh, mate, that's a CAMO SLUT!
by Dangerhole January 10, 2010
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