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An upright yet bendable erection (neither rigid nor limp), similar in consistency to that of a Nerf baseball bat, which is functional yet less than ideal.
1: Damn, my daily ‘bate yesterday took twice as long as usual!

2: Why? Couldn’t catch wood?

1: Nope … I was sporting a Nerf bat.
by DangerZone11 September 13, 2009

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The act of taking a drink of hard alcohol the California way, straight from the bottle.

To correctly execute this you must:
1. persuade all of the people around you to pick up a bottle and join in.
2. unite all participating bottles in the air as a toast.
3. shout "cali pull!!!"
4. chug.
Guy 1: Lets take some Cali Pulls before we hit that party!

Guy 2: Great idea!

Together: CALI PULL!!!!!! (clink)

...the next morning
Guy 1: What happened last night?
by DangerZone11 January 31, 2010

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