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Used to be a country for eastern people of Nigeria from 1976 to 1970.
Then the eastern people of Nigerians were called Biafrans when they rebelled against Nigeria and form their own soverignty.

Biafrans are people of the eastern part of Nigeria mostly Igbos.

In 1967, Igbos and other eastern part of Nigeria, lead by then Col. Chukwuemeka Odimegwu Ojukwu declared eastern Nigeria a Sovereign state of Biafra. This led to the three years Nigerian-Biafran Civil war in which millions were slaughter in a fight for self-determination. The Nigeria underestimated the young country and thought that the war would last for three weeks. Instead, weeks turned months and months turned years. It took Nigeria three years to defeat Biafra. Biafrans were reintegrated into Nigeria again as One-Nigeria

Most of Nigerian oil reserves are located at the Bright of Biafra. That is why Nigeria went to war with Biafra.
Ojukwu still believe that he is a Biafran.

There are a lot of Igbos that still consider themesleves as Biafrans

Nigeria kicked Biafra ass during the civil war
by Dandada February 12, 2005

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