1 definition by DandDood

/ɡrāt n(y)o͞oz/
phrasal adjective

• when a correction as been made on a previously incorrect statement.

• when offering information that blatantly contradicts a previous statement to correct it.

• in response to an uncalled for statement or comment of either the absurd or scary nature.
Example 1
Sarah: I thought we weren’t getting a new update until next month?

Sarah: *after checking* Great news, it’s actually this Tuesday.

Example 2
tumblrpost#384: I read that the sky is red.

tumblrpost#384: Great news, it is not.

Example 3
tumblrpost384: A reminder that eating a carrots does not lead to immortal life.

forumuser544: immortal life is simply a vacuum in space that leaves you feeling cold and alone for the rest of eternity
tumblrpost#384: great news
by DandDood September 27, 2022