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A cock taker is a female who repeatedly undertakes sexual intercourse with males. A cock taker will have sex with different men on a regular basis, thus gaining the reputation of a cock taker. Cock takers tend to be well known to the local community as being notoriously easy to sleep with. Other names for a cock taker are: Slag, slut, whore, slapper, skank, hoe, tart, and sket.

Note 1: Any large breaks where no cocks have been taken will suggest that the cock taker has changed her ways.

Note 2: A female is not classified as a cock taker if she has sex with the same male all day everyday, this just makes her a nympho. The female must have sexual intercourse with a number of males.
Matt: Man, that chick is such a frigging cock taker!
Joe: Old news dude, old news.
by DancingKing January 31, 2011

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The Cat-Bath is a dance move developed by the younger generation of the 21st century. It involves, whilst dancing, licking the back of one's hand, before raising it to their head and running down the side of their hair, in a cat-like bathing motion. This move is used in clubs across the UK, and can be adapted to fit any musical genre. Before long, the Cat-Bath will be a clubbing revolution.
Freddie: Look, Joe is doing the Cat-Bath!

Charlotte: Wow, he is one cool cat, it takes skill to get that right...
by DancingKing January 24, 2011

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