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1. (Noun) A person who engages you in sexual activity whilst your mind is elsewhere. Derived from 'Handless Wanking' in which the dirty state of mid-pubescent teenager temporarily returns as you are sexually gratified whilst thinking about another girl.

2. (verb) Any act of lone sexual gratification which simulates real sex by refraining from the use of hands.
1. "I don't stand a chance with that hot chick by the bar but i'm not going home empty handed. Maybe that ugly girl in the corner will be my handsfree while i close my eyes and think of Jenna Jameson."

2. "Man it's my 40th birthday and i'm still a virgin... i'm guna go home and put my dick in the hoover. I've been handsfreeing for 20 years"
by DanJayUK October 06, 2007

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