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The nonchalant text u send immediately before you send an important text to a person. The pre-text insures that you will know whether or not the person will reply so that you are not left with textpectation after sending the important text it insures that your important query will not be textnored. Sort of like signing for a UPS package so they know that you got it.
Dude I wanna ask Bertha on a date but if she doesnt wanna go she'll just textnore me and say that she never got it. I'll send her a pre-text saying "What's up" then if she doesn't respond to my text asking her on a date, I'll know she's super shady.
by DanAjeigbe January 30, 2008

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The texts u send to people u havent talked to in a while, in order to explore whether they'd be down to hook up. Primarily used by former lovers or high school crushes. Usually done around holidays.
Dude 1: Fiona hit me up outta nowhere saying what's up.
Dude 2: She probably got played by that d'bag and she's doing some textploration.

Bro whatever happened to that girl you met at the gym? Damn I dunno imma use some texploration and wish her merry christmas. Hopefully it works and I get into her pants.
by DanAjeigbe January 30, 2008

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