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chat·ti·er; -est

1: (adj) One who's social structure is either mostly or entirely based around geek culture as defined by the standards of "geek" prior to 1985. Especially pertaining to ham radio enthusiasts or in some cases, CB culture.

Origin: From the root 'chat'. (Ham radio enthusiasts prefer verbal communication using antiquated analog communications technology.)
Chatty: "Hey want to come back to my place and check out my collection of LED calculators and tube based lab bench test equipment? Maybe we'll be able to finish my old Heath Kit HX-10 "Marauder" SSB Transmitter and talk to PA3GIO in the Galapagos Islands!"

Friend: "Dude... I didn't realize you were such a chatty... you realize we can no longer hang out now, right?"
by Dan Fitzpatrick September 26, 2007
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