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Those kids on Twitter (Normally aged between 13-16) who have, rather, a Fortnite profile picture or a picture of a random women in a bikini.

These people are emotionally unstable. They feel the need to log into Twitter everyday just to get their 9 year old followers to Like and retweet.

Tweets may be as followed:

Noti gang where you @?”

“Like or Fake AF

“Turn on notis or unfollowed’

“No one supports me”
“Doing an unfollow spree soon, like and RT to stay followed”
“If your phone is real, press S to make ß”
“This is you and your 3rd @, W or L?”

These people most definitely don’t have IRL friends . The Likes and Retweets they get on their tweets make them feel wanted and less lonely. It also gives them a feeling of fake fame and self worth.

They may also call their followers ‘supporters’. But the only reason they have followers is because they use the Follow/Unfollow Twitter method. Meaning they follow loads of people, then unfollow the ones who didn’t follow back.

So they aren’t really supportive, they’re just their because they were followed first.

Do not insult these people, not only do they have the worse comebacks. But they take things very personally.
by Damnitscam October 22, 2020
Feeling really ill, maybe you have a hangover.
"I shouldn't of had that much wine yesterday, I feel like shit."
by Damnitscam March 3, 2017