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A general term, originating in the midwest, for a reformed gangsta who often has relapses to his former being. Despite the fact that he is only truly viewed as a hardcore thug by suburbians and white dudes, he is usually still respected by the niggas and has a reputation for holding his own, getting the job done, and/or having a fat wallet. Bryans are also know for their ability to be able to talk to niggas AND speak 'white'
White Kid 1: Oh no I sense that Bryan is making his way here
(The Bryan walks up)
White Kid 2: Please don't bust a cap in my cracker arse!
(The Bryan stands there, wondering WTF!?)

Black Guy to another Black Guy: "Damn nigga! How you get honky to sell you that cutty so cheap? Always a hustla fo real, Bryan be runnin things in crackasville, huh"
by Damien X October 27, 2006
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