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An exoplanet (exo-planet), is an extra-solar (outside of our solar system) planet orbiting a star, other than the Sun, within our Milky Way galaxy.
The Kepler Telescope mission has discovered 4,000+ confirmed exoplanets in all, as of February 2015.
by DaleBryTheScienceGuy February 23, 2016

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A supernova, is the catastrophic gravitational collapse of a stellar (star) core having a mass greater than 3.5 times the mass of the Sun. This is the last stage of the evolution of a star on the main sequence (Hertzsprung-Russell Diagram), and which ends in a violent explosion of the star's core, when nuclear forces prohibit any further collapse of the star, leaving behind a neutronium core, making it a neutron star. Supernovae are the most energetic stellar events in the known universe.
In 1989, a star in the galaxy M66, in the constellation Leo, underwent a supernova core collapse, which left stellar remnants in the form of a planetary nebula.
supernova Nova exploding starneutron star neutroniumstellar event end stage supernova event, supernovae
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by DaleBryTheScienceGuy July 07, 2017

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A sappy, ingenuine person. One who is so, obviously unlikely, to convince others that they are 'hip', 'cool', etc.
When Johnny threw the Frisbee (immediately after boasting his prowess), which, then, went off in a tangential arc through the air--and was never seen again...
Watching this walking, talking, comedy of errors--Dale responded, "Johnny--you are SO Bud, dude!
by DaleBryTheScienceGuy July 07, 2017

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