3 definitions by Daft Clown

An internet acronym standing for "we been knew".

We been knew is a response to indicate that whatever someone just said was obvious to a majority of people.

The phrasing is a play on the poor dialect that is spoken by the uneducated and ignorant.
"Did you see that trending video of Kanye I cannot believe how arrogant that dude is!"

"Kanye? Arrogant? wbk"
by Daft Clown February 17, 2018
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When you ejaculate with the brute force equivalent to the Greek god of sky and thunder.
Dat ass—and I'm Zeusing.
by Daft Clown June 06, 2014
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The subcutaneous layer of dimpled lard that resides above the labia majora. Most prevalent among lady bowlers, female bus drivers, women coaches, and welfare recipients in general.
"Yo dog, did you see Rashawnda's FUPA; that shit be ridiculous."
by Daft Clown November 18, 2014
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