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City destroyed by God in the Bible because people there liked to "know" each other, but he saved some guy named Lot who tried to whore out his daughters, who were also saved and then later got their dad drunk and had sex with him to get pregnant.

Read Genesis, this is true.

Not to mention that even if "to know" meant "to have sexual intercourse," the men of Sodom intended to RAPE Lot's angelic visitors. Rape, particularly gang rape, is an act of violence first and a sex act second; it is not the same as consensual intercourse between two adults.
The moral of Sodom and Gamorrah is as follows:

Ambiguously gay mobs who may or may not have wanted to invade some sweet divine asshole: BAD!!!

Pimp daddies (literally) who would hand over their own daughters to said mobs to be ravished instead of letting said mobs meet some strangers: GOOD!!!

Incestuous nymphomaniacs who invented the Elektra complex two thousand years before the Oresteia was first performed: GOOD!!!

Mute broads married to said pimp daddies whose only known sin is letting their curiosity get the best of then: BAD!!!
by Da Jezus April 24, 2005

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People who existed back in Biblical times, too. Only back then, they were called Pharisees, whom Jesus scorned as what they were: spotless hypocrites who flaunted their supposed virtue.
They who humble themselves shall be exalted, but they who exalt themselves shall be humbled.
by Da Jezus April 24, 2005

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