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English insult for an Australian.

Just - Another - Fucking - Aussie
I hate Aussies. Fuckin' Jafas.
by Da Beast March 25, 2003
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Kuivila originated from the greek word quifilias which means to be brave. Most Kuivilas however are gay ass liberals that support abortion, affirmitive action, gun control, and wish their dogs would give them head. I am not saying here that republicans are the greatest, I am just saying that liberals are free thinkers that abide by a set of rules thus proving themselves to be full of shit. Kuivila also likes to lick sponges because he will never get even close to a nipple.
Kuivila is a brainwashed/sick human being whose dad is a gay ass liberal
by Da Beast April 06, 2004
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an indian name that has been only used on one person because he was a disgrace to his culture. A supnil is a perverted indian who spies on black kids, and has a small penis and has formerly lived in Saudi Arabia.
That Supnil is such a bihatch
by Da Beast April 03, 2004
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English slang name for someone from Wales.
You like leeks don't you Taff?
by Da Beast March 24, 2003
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