3 definitions by DRK

A combination of "hornly" and "lonely"
I was really hornly studying late at night. My lover was away on vacation and I hadn't gotten laid in at least a week.
by DRK November 16, 2004
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Car that is fairly sexy, yet is bought by people trying to compensate for something. The V6 is fast yet can't take boost, while the I4 is a dog that can be boosted like a Chinese whore.
Wow, look at that Hyundai Tiburon! It looks like a Korean Ferrari!
by DRK May 23, 2004
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When a man's shade of hair slowly changes from Bozo the Clown RED, to a shade resembling that of a fiery God, full of vigor, reeking of masculinity and power.
Darryl used to be a ginger, but lord almighty, he has changed into quite a Devastatingly Handsome Blond.
by DRK March 10, 2012
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