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homin' PRON: home in (in your home) staying at home

Users: Please update with possible earlier references (homin')
PRE: 3/2013
Eg: I'm homin' it today, I'm not going to school.

Eg: Look at how high that homin' pigeon is flying.

Eg: Used in a Poem

It's a snowin' and a blowin',
So I'm a stayin' at my homin',
Aren't you glad you live out there,
I wish I had my fuckin' hair!
by DRAStic March 12, 2013
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A text based web browser that allows all of the people who are bash addicts or are comletely broke and sad to view web pages text based in bash due to the fact that theyre pc cannot handle it.
But at the same time allowing you to view a semi-moderated version of frames and etc.
Lynx is for addicts or People who are lazy and need to get a job!
by Drastic February 25, 2005
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