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Liamus, the legend himself.

Meeting Liamus is belonging in the group of blessings of the greater kind.

Liamus, Emperor, Grand-Master, Duke, Count, Vicomte, High-Chief, Archbishop, Prince, Grand-Duke, Grand-Prince, Sultan, Emir, Khagan and Khan of his belongings blesses you, yes you. May you enjoy a pleasant time further on, with all of your body and soul.
- I met Liamus, he blessed me and wished for all Holy Masters and figures, Saints and Spirits to protect my soul.
by DODmof October 5, 2021
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A Stig-Helmer is a creative, clumsy, day-dreaming, kind person. They tend to become fascinated of one certain thing, like train models, therefore, a Stig-Helmer must be a very intelligent guy. A Stig-Helmer is also very creative and creates interesting imaginations of the world around, dreaming of being a hero, Stig-Helmer is unaware that he already is one. Stig-Helmer got one friend, Ole, who is a really nice company for Stig-Helmer. Although Stig-Helmer is a bit sceptic to modern things and Ole is obsessed with such, they still agree on many things. Ole is an optimistic Norwegian and Stig-Helmer a more sceptic Swede. Together they travel all around the world. Let’s not forget, Stig-Helmer is the most romantic human you can find! He is nice and understanding and treats a woman the way she wants. He doesn’t ask for much love, but he gives away a ton of it to whoever he might love. On the deepest inside, he is very heroic and won’t let go of anyone in need of help. Stig-Helmer’s common appearance is a tall guy with glasses, mustache and wild hair with the so famous Stig-Helmer-tofs sticking out from the side of the head. Stig-Helmer is always running into troubles but with his creativity he solves them easily. He is also a great fan of the football-team Hammarby (Bajen). In fact, Stig-Helmer is a very famous figure in Sweden from the movies about him, Sällskapsresan. You’ll be able to find them but they’re in swedish. Stig-Helmer is portrayed in the movies by Lasse Åberg.
-What is the name of that tall, friendly guy?
-You won’t believe me! Stig-Helmer!
by DODmof January 29, 2021
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Japaleno is either the most giantic and hot chilli you’ve ever seen, or the most giantic and hot ding dong you’ve ever seen.
-Now I’m going to eat The BIG Japaleno
by DODmof February 22, 2021
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