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1. Seafood, A.K.A. cKraBs
2. A gang full of fake niggas and punk ass cKracKas
3. Can Be Identified By:
*The kolor flue(blue), and usually an accompanying kolor like white, blacK, or purple.
*Flue bandannas
*6 Point Stars
*Allied with the F.o.l.k.
Nation (Fear Of Latin Kings)
* NOT the most dangerous gang in America, Dawgs got cKlaws to bury em' up!
"Stanley Tookie Williams co-founded what was to be known as the Crips , a group of cKrabz throwin' up fake ass crab handsigns, weak drugs, posession of water guns, and inkompetencKe to comprehend and function using basic human abilities. Lack Intelligence, Kourage."
by DMasterP001 October 23, 2006

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