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Being a bum, doing nothing all day apart from the same stuff over and over, and its all done in your own house.

Always being lazy, but staying chilled out, just relaxing and being laid back.

Its a whole life stlye, the way you live, the way you do your work, the way you dress, the way you talk, the way you log on to your computer, the way you do anything.

And yet when the NEED comes you do it, but you do it slowly and at a pace others don't know how to go, and it always seems to get done in a good and decent way.
Damn, such a wastecadet!

Hurry up you wastecadet.

Gotta get it done wastecadet.

I'm a wastecadet and happy to be one, now go away i'm sleeping.
by DMC13 August 12, 2006

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1. A White dude being a ninja!

2. A White ninja.

3. DMC drunk early in the morning.
Dude that guys a Winja!

I am the Winja

Winja-death star!!
by DMC13 August 14, 2006

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