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A title reflecting a person's high economic, social and 'street business' status, brought into common culture by pimps in the 1970s, yet brought back into wide circulation by Pimp C when he adopted the alter-ego of Sweet James Jones.
As a title, Sweet is analogous to Sir for English people, and other similar titles commanding respect.
Sweet can also refer to a gorgeous honey (girl) who stands out among other girls.
Sweet James Jones was an innovator in the rap game and set forward the distinction between other rappers and hiphop music, and his Country Rap Tunes.
by DJ Delphi February 01, 2009
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Screwstep is a style of music inspired by DJ Screw where Dubstep songs are Chopped & Screwed (slowed down, with the 1 & the 3 repeated by the DJ crossfading between two records). A similar style - Chopstep - is when the dubstep songs are not slowed down at all, but "chopping" of the music is still performed.
DJ Delphi was the first DJ to make a Screwstep tape and says that the idea was inspired by a desire to get dubstep heads into Chopped & Screwed music. Robert Davis (DJ Screw) Rest In Peace.
by DJ Delphi April 18, 2013
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1. Noun: A person who fully embodies the trill philosophy. (plural: trillions)
2. Proper Noun, plural (Trillions/Trillion$): An underground rap group from the Dirty West.
Dayyyyum, you can see that Trillion coming from a mile away cuz his grill and chains are shinin' brighter than the Sun's rays.
by DJ Delphi September 23, 2008
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