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Same as "Just because", or rather similar to "Fuck you, that's why!" when used as a response
"Just doin' it for the fuck of it, I don't care if I win this competition"
"Why are you upgrading your PC again? Is it slow already?" - "Nah bro, just for the fuck of it. The upgrade bug is biting me in the ass again"
by DJ Blowback January 15, 2019

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Is when your dick feels homesick and nostalgic.
Jokes aside, it's one of the easiest kinds of sex to get.
It may ruin your life an get you on the verge of "please come back to me" bullshit. However, it may also make you "whole" and keep you from idealizing the girl (and reflecting over the relationship you used to have)
I tell our mutual friend "say hi from me when you meet her".
5 days later some crazy ex sex happens. It literally takes you next to nothing to grab some ex pussy action.

I gave Jackie a call and we had some ex sex. Why? He knows my body well, those one night standers don't really come close.
by DJ Blowback January 23, 2019

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Well, "shop" and "store" are mostly the same.
Therefore, "the store" is a store that is well known both by the speaker and the addressee.

99% of the time that means the grocery not far from where the speaker lives.
"Yeah! Hi! I'm at the store mom... Are we running low on something?"
"The store is still working, gotta grab some more beer before too late"
by DJ Blowback February 07, 2019

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