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Seasonal Busted Bracket Depression: The annual depression that occurs mid-March and follows a #9 seed or lower trouncing a #4 or higher seed thereby destroying your NCAA bracket. The depression is not treatable but will usually fade within a week or two of onset. Heavy alcohol consumption may temporarily reduce symptoms, but will exacerbate the depression greatly after the first 15 to 30 minutes of continued use. It is recommended that you avoid operating heavy machinery, holding onto small objects for prolonged periods of time that can be missiled during fits of extreme sadness and rage, meetings with superiors at work and by any means necessary avoid converstations about future relationship plans with girlfriends and wives.
Dave began to receed into deep SBBD after Morehead Sate, VCU, Marquette, Richmond and Florida State all advanced in the tournament.
by DGiggity March 21, 2011
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