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Derived from the hierarchy of Italian organized crime families, the yardfather is the most highly respected man inmate in prison. The yard, being the outdoor area were inmates are allowed recreation time to exercise, play basketball, shank each other, etc.
The inmate who "runs the yard" would be referred to as "the yardfather".

by DFv2 February 10, 2008

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A huge, orange-yellow ball of gaseous fire roughly 93,000,000 miles away, in which you can stare without pain as it disappears behind the horizon. A miami sunset typically evokes feelings of cocaine beaches, tanned fake breasts, and white loafers on ultra-white cruise boats.
Travis: "John, I've never seen the sun so huge and easy to stare into..."

John: "It's a miami sunset Travis, now finish your cocaine."
by Dfv2 February 15, 2011

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