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The sound a girl makes when she’s being pleasured by her daddy
Daddy’s slut: *Moan* OHHHH DADDY! FUCK *moan* YOUR DICK INTO ME HARDER!* loud moan* It feels soooooooooo GOOooODDDDd whennn you fuck me like that!!!! *Moan*
by DARKER MATTER April 20, 2019

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When the person who’s fucking you up just won’t go hard so you shout “harder daddy” and they fuck you to the limit you can’t even stand.
Harder Daddy, daddy!!! fuck me harderrrrrrrr, ohhhhh yes please daddy *moan* d-daddy f-f-fuck me h-harder *moan* go h-harder on me daddy!!! Daddy! OHHhH Lord D-daddy you’re fucking me soooo hard today *moan*
by DARKER MATTER April 19, 2019

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The place with with best Jollof Rice.
by DARKER MATTER April 13, 2019

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Some dumbass word that ghetto bitches be using 24/7
Don’t even start with me sis before I slash that weave off PERIODT POOH
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by DARKER MATTER November 29, 2019

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“School”. is a word in some stupid language that actually means hell. School or hell, (your choice) is the reason why you get an ass whoppin. School is the place your parents send you just so they don’t have to deal with your ass anymore. School is also the reason why you wake up at 6:00am in the morning just to get yelled at by someone annoying adult.
Today I’m going to hell, what we learn in hell is Basic Mathematics, Science, history, and some other shit that probably won’t be useful in life. What we eat and drink in hell probably contains spit, pieces of hair, snot, and more disgusting stuff the lunch crew probably feeds us. There are no friends in hell, the bathrooms smell disgusting and look disgusting too, you get held in “detention” just for going when the bell rings and your “teacher”/demon says the classic frase “ the bell doesn’t dismiss you, I do.” I mean, who does that? Anyways, in hell, there are a lot of fights, probably caused by the reason you stepped on their new shoes or because it’s hell and... in hell you fight a lot. But anyways during those fights, some dick with probably shout out, “WORLDSTAR!!!!!”, causing the crowd to get more tensed up. In hell, you get a lot of homework, like a 20 paper essay due tomorrow.

But anyways there’s more to school/hell that that.
by DARKER MATTER April 20, 2019

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