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an abreviation of emo,mini-mosher,sweatie ,used as a term in doncaster by the older members of the 'sweatie'or 'mosher' community community (16-19) tho many of this group (in doncaster) are what would be considered chavish by some. it refers to those who, wishing to join the 'gang' turn up wearing idiotic clothes and wielding cheap childrens toys and behaving in a manner befitting these trinkets. they are generally shunned by the majority of the group until they mature enough to hold a civilised conversation.
E.M.M.S 1: (playing with plastic dagger) bang bang ur dead !!:P
E.M.M.S 2: ha ha take tht , (prodding with plastic sword)

NORMAL PERSON : Ohh Shut the fuck up and grow up while ur at it !!
by D.T.C June 12, 2007
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