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This is the term used to describe the effect of a massively funny joke or situation, one that causes 6 million or more people to die laughing.
The term "Lolocaust" references The Holocaust, a massive extermination of Slavs, physically or mentally disabled peoples, gay men, religious and political dissidents, and, mostly notably, Jews, which occurred during World War II at the hands of the Nazis.
by D.J. Roefaro December 22, 2007

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This is a long line of homosexual, bisexual, trisexual, and/or pansexual men who are "linked" together using the classic "dick-in-ass" method of connection. All of the men should be lying on their sides while performing this act, so the product actually looks like a kebab of gay men lying on a grill (hence the term "gay kebab"). However, it is also possible to do this while standing.

In order for this to truly look like an actual kebab, the final member of the group should have some sort of skin-toned phallic object (a dildo, for example) visibly sticking out of his ass. Think about it; wouldn't it look like a very long sex toy is penetrating a long line of gay men through their asses, just as how a long toothpick skewers a long line of food items in an edible kebab?

In order to add more originality to the kebab, the men taking part in the formation could try to distinguish themselves from one another. For example, the men can make different poses in order to appear as the different "ingredients" of a kebab. Also, an alternating pattern of Asian and Caucasian participants would surely add variety to this array of succulent hunks. Hell, you can even throw in the occasional hermaphrodite to really spice up the rack!

All in all, the purpose of doing this is to be creative and have fun.

NOTE: A similar formation, consisting of women wearing strap-ons in order to perform this act, is called a "Lez Kebab." Likewise, a mixture of men and women taking part in this arrangement is called an "Androgybab."
The boys and I decided to make gay kebabs during our mid-morning screw. We had Bobby, Jimmy, Charley, Lenny, and George season themselves with a multitude of spices and arrange themselves into a decadent skewer. Meanwhile, Bartolommeo, Giuseppe, Calogero, Leonardo, and Georgio bathed their entire bodies inside a tub with various marinades and created another simply divine platter. Both of them look so delicious that I ate them all up!
by D.J. Roefaro December 07, 2007

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