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when a person copies another person such as acting,trying to be,or doing something like that person
man you is a getwit,always wearin' what he be wearin!
by D.B March 28, 2006

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1. Is an acronym describing beautiful women who are PHATabulous!! Pretty Hot and Thick.

2. Phrase made famous by actress/comediene/author Monique in her new movie PHAT GIRLZ that starts playing in theaters today.

3. Can also mean Pretty Hot N Temptin....as quoted by Chris Tucker in "Money Talks"
Today I want you to thing BIG baby!!!....PHAT GIRLZ in theaters April 7th (Monique)

"James, I'm jealous....why yeen tell me you had such a PHAT ass girl man?? I'm stunned by ya PHATness....PHAT, P.H.A.T. pretty hot n temptin.
by D.B April 07, 2006

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