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In restaurants, it is "boy butter" mixed into the gravy on dishes for rude customers, or any other person the provider of the butter doesn't like.

Note: it can also be mixed into salad dressing, or dessert topping, or barbeque sauce, or condiments, or...
"Bonjour, Chef Pierre, comment êtes-vous?"

"Très bien."

"That woman at table 2 actually snapped her fingers at me and called me 'boy.' Can you believe that shit?"

"Then Chef Pierre will prepare some of his world-famous guy gravy!"

"Bon! Merci beaucoup!
by D. Vinehamner November 22, 2009
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To run the tip of your sex partner's penis around your genitalia and/or anus, in effect, "tracing" them with the dick.
"Dude! Did you score last night?"

"Sort of. She did a Dick Tracey around her asshole 'til I came."

"Nicely done!"
by D. Vinehamner November 23, 2009
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