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(Action Verb) When a guy is balls deep inside a woman's vagina, one of the participant rips a fart while the other feels their rumble. This is known as a Volf. With synchronization and planning, it's possible to have a Double Volf. This is when both participants fart simultaneously and both feel the rumbles, sometimes off the richter scale.
Guy: I'm about to cum, oh my god....ahhhhh
Girl: Yea baby

Guy: Hooooold OnNNNN!
Girl: OhhhhOHHhhhhhh
Guy: Done! Babe don't move......(FAAAAAAAAART)
Girl: Wow, you just Volfed me!! You just broke my Volf cherry.
by D. Nasty February 12, 2011

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a person of african decent that is shirtless and preferably has a shaved head that is swimming in any body of water.
Hey look at all those seals in the ocean, lets walk down further!
by D. Nasty November 29, 2007

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