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A layered pasta dish with the following layers (bottom to top):
1. a hamburger patty, grilled
2. cooked spaghetti noodles
3. tomato-based pasta sauce
4. grated parmesan cheese
All I've got to eat is hamburger patties and spaghetti so let's make some ghettisburg!
by D-bone from O-town February 16, 2007
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An alcoholic beverage made from chocolate milk and dr. mcgillicuddy's fireball whisky
Slogan: Got Firemilk?
by D-bone from O-town February 10, 2007
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quit. Stems from having both hands slightly offset on the keyboard and simultaneously making a typo.

We've all done it.
"our damn coworker just refused to do his job because he woke up this morning with a god complex again."

"I auig"
by d-bone from o-town August 07, 2007
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