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1.) A talented metal band from northern VA that oft gets the metal heads riled up with such songs as 'Obliterated Carcass ©' and with the wall of death. Pronunciation undetermined, most people choose HEL (hell) while some say it by saying all of the letters.

2.) a word used in place of 'hell' that pays homage to the aforementioned metal band

3.) just a word used (often online) in place of 'hell.' Origin unknown

1.) "Hey Bill did you catch the H.E.L. show last friday!!?"
"Yeah, I almost died but it was worth it!"

2.) Dik- "Do you want to come out and light up a blunt with us?"
Me- "H.E.L. yeah!"

3.) "You just got noobed straight to hel!!!!one1!!
by D Nasty February 28, 2006
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the act of pooping on your partners chest and rubbing it in with your butt cheeks during sexual intercourse.
i met this girl at a party once . i thought i was kinky. she requested that i donkey punch her and i was down for it but before i donkey punched her she wanted me to start swabbing the deck
by D nasty July 23, 2006
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