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How retarted people spell esé.
Chuck: I learned a new beaner word; S.A. It stands for Spanish American.
Caesár: Actually esé means dude or amigo. You heard wrong and that makes you retarted!
by D$V November 02, 2006

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To finger to an Aisan women up her ass with your pinky while at the same time fingering her vagina with your pointer and middle fingers. It is primearly used for man to women sex.
She smiled when I gave her a stinky-chinky.
by D$V November 01, 2006

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When an Aisan child behaves badly. The root of the word comes from when parents used to send naughty kids to bed without meals, but the one's who disobeyed their parents orders and decieded to sneak downstairs to eat anyway. In Asian households, lots of rice is usually leftover from the family's dinner, and so the child would steal and eat the rice.
Ki is a rice bandit because he will not pick up his toys after playtime.
by D$V November 01, 2006

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The fractured english that Aisan immigrants use when in America.
"Oh rook, I she a right on. It is a wasting erectricity. I better grow an a turn eh off!" Said the new Loasion student.

"I cannot understand that dude's aisanese" said Carl.
by D$V November 01, 2006

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Acronym for Faggot Against Gays. It is a term used for closeted homosexuals who try to prove that they are a heterosexual.
John: Oy my God, you are such a fag Bill.
Bill (Gay): At least I'm not a F.A.G.!
John: I'm not Gay!!! Shut up, SHUT UP!!! (John goes away crying and running like a girl.)
by D$V November 03, 2006

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