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Adjective used to describe a product, service or situation where expectations exceed reality or possibility, where unrealistic claims are made, or where the impossible is promised.

Wemagin was a crowd-funded project that made outlandish claims, being able to protect the privacy of even the most technically inept users under all conditions.

Despite the claims being clearly shown as false, the creators and shills continued on with such fervour that they attracted the attention of privacy advocates, security researchers and other skeptics.

After discovering the phrase "Imagination is more important than knowledge!" in their patent, the term "wemaginary" was coined.
The homeopathic pills are a bit too wemaginary for me.
by cybergibbons December 06, 2014
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The delicate parts of the female anatomy. Also used to describe the whole female sometimes.
"I need to see the git" - I've got the horn and need to go out and get some pussy.
by Cybergibbons August 03, 2004
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