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From the quill of one man.
Is Beauty only skin deep?
Take a Chance on a blazon trail ?
Oh infatuated nation;
The change chatter Proclamation

All MEN are created Equal
Men are inspired by Words
But Emotion over Reason
Or Inspiration over perspiration?

Clearly Obama’s WRIGHT is wrong
Compassion must trump color allegiance
Tears of poverty constant
Media Bias clear as Ice

Hype is the culprit
The focus the chains
Remember the power of nature
The recitation of sacrifice

Endurance the foundation
The tolerance of woman
Again-All Men are created equal
All knowledge comes from pain

And what of our children
No Child born is punishment
Time does not alter the blessing
Faith demands Parity Allegiance

Not by Blind faith-leap
Time, tested, and true
Behind every successful man…
The tribulation of the Womb-man

Men, the tides have changed
Espouse the inevitable parity
Hang loose you say?
Beware of the rip I say!

Pierce the words & dilatory dissolutions
Time tested and true blue
All men are created equal…
Suspect is the female

Laudable, subvert sexism
The verdict—a Village
1. The use of clever speech, words, or phrases used by a politician with the intent and/or design to distract a nation from discovering the emptiness or truth behind such rhetoric or issue that such politician desires to divert the public eye from. "Watch this Obombanation."

2. "'Wright's' use of language like 'God damned Americans' was an Obombanation."

3. Media bias that results in sexism is an Obombanation.
by Curt Hammock April 12, 2008

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short for obombanation; pronounced, "o' bomb a nah tion"; see urban dictionary entry for obombanation.
1. There he goes again with more obomb dripple leaking out his mouth.

2. In an attempt to divert attention from his faults he just tossed the media another obomb.

by Curt Hammock April 13, 2008

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