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"An elite group of girls brought up by wolves who spend their time drinking the blood of their enemies and eating peath in a castle full of men."
"P Company" originated from a group of girls on Tumblr who enjoy various WWII related things, such as Band of Brothers and The Pacific. They also enjoy various other things, such as living in an imaginary/dream mansion with a large group of men. They have a chant, a parody of the "We Fall Upon the Risers," that goes as follows:
"We alwayth eat our bithcuith.
We alwayth eat our peath.
We alwayth use the proper thpoon,
attention if you pleathe.
So highty, tighty, Christ almighty,
who the hell are we?
Zim zam, goddamn,
we're P Company!"
There are various actors that P Company favors, such as Jacob Pitts (Hoosier) and James Badge Dale (Leckie/Lucky).
They were involved in a scandal called "Peathgate," in which they had online problems with an actor named Joseph Mazzello, who played Eugene Sledge in The Pacific. However, Peathgate is now over, and the actor now gets along fine with the group of girls.
Joe: What'd I miss last night, P Company?
Amber: Badger was overflowing with manpain.
Camille: Justicon was on.
Leanne: Helman took his pants off.
Chelsy: He really is as small as he says.
by CuriosityCore August 3, 2010
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