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Fake German
Meet Klinen, Meet Klinen, Dinen Inen!!!!!! Zat ees Ferman
by Culman Menasha November 12, 2011
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Having sex while at the same time relaying bits or jokes to each other.
Culman says: Can you believe it? Lesser being asks: Can I believe what? Culman replies: David Cross just performed diarreha mustache for Amber Tamblyn, while at the same time, fucking her. Holy God. Comedy sex 101 bro. Comedy sex101.
by Culman Menasha September 09, 2011
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P.D.P. or Pulling a Donald Pleasance is: When an Actor (espically an old fart, ex. Stellan Skarsgard) Overacts to the extent of showing true genius. This Actor demands applause and attention and definitely has at least one house in Northern Ireland. He/she is an entertainer of the highest order, and will stop at nothing to win an Academy Award (even if it means bashing Marlee Matlin in the skull with a rusty lead pipe).
Jon Hurt P.D.P (Pulled a Donald Pleasance). He didn't win the Academy Award for his brilliant performance as a Harvard Professor/Gladiator (so he bashed Marlee Matlin in the skull with a rusty lead pipe)
by Culman Menasha November 13, 2011
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This is a day for sexual pranks, April 2nd. You can cum in your hand and stick it in a sexy girl's hair. You can draw a picture of a penis and tape it to a sexy girl's back or ass when she isn't looking. Or if your a female, you can cum on your hand and stick in a sexy guy's hair. You can draw a picture of penis and tape it to a sexy guy's back or ass when he is not looking. It's similar but different.
: Hey dude, it's April fuck day. I came on a sexy girl's jacket today. She didn't know it... but I did. President Culmen's a genius for designating "April fuck day" an official day of the year. It's 5050, it's about april fucking time. Haha.
by Culman Menasha April 17, 2011
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