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Verb, A male generally overweight who posts up on couches during parties calling out others for personal benefit. Tends to sweat profusely, this particular person will likely break or distort couches by plopping their fat ass down because they are so lazy they cannot sit down slowly.
"Hey bro quit Doobin-Out" "That person was Doobin-Out so hard last night" "While Doobin-Out the kid sat there all night not letting anyone sit down"
by CtStr October 06, 2009

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A selfish conceded girl who only thinks about herself and is so concerned about how she looks she tends to block out reality. A girl who wheres a very flashy outfit, dress, or mini skirt to a casual party or scene when unnecessary.
It derives from the infomercial that sells "Bump Its"

Example: Usually the girl at the party that is yelling absurd very dumbed down threats to someone (Guy or Girl) who called her out for being a bitch.
by CtStr August 03, 2009

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