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Leland Speech and Debate (LSD) ((Yes, that's the actual abbreviation)) is a program designed to teach students about the art of performing. There are two options, which are either speech or debate. However, while speech and debate isn't inherently a bad thing, Leland Speech and Debate is. The reasons are as follows:

1. Pride. Every coach and teacher is always right, no matter what. You will always be at fault for everything that happens.

2. Greed. The program "requires" a starting donation of $600 from each student, which is an extreme detriment to poorer families. Furthermore, each tournament requires a fee to be paid, further increasing the frivolous spending by several parents and guardians.

3. Lust. LSD loses track of its own independence in the attempt to follow other successful speech programs footsteps, thus, becoming one of the many other faceless speech programs in the midst.

4. Envy. LSD always tries to be what it can't, instead becoming resentful and releasing its rage upon the innocent students enrolled in the program.

5. Gluttony. LSD only uses a fraction of all of its money to fund the coaches, tournaments, and classes.

6. Wrath. If you miss one of the many deadlines, you will get yelled at. No way around it. Even if it's something you cannot control, they don't care.

7. Sloth. Information is never presented in a timely manner. Several deadlines are proposed without a reasonable amount of time to achieve them.
Richard: Hey, did you enjoy Leland Speech and Debate?

Richard Jr.: Fuck no! I wish I was never enrolled in this class!

Jasmine: Of course! Now I'm going to study for 4 hours, practice my 6 instruments, and finish my homework in 15 minutes!
by CrystalGeyserman February 3, 2021
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Someone who sweats (tries very hard) very often, mostly at video games, but also at homework, dating, working out, etc. A pu pu man takes pride in what he does, and isn't afraid to embrace it as who they are.
Mario: Dude I got a 25 kill game, got a girl to date me, and finished my homework before it was even assigned!
Tyler: Man, you're such a pu pu man
by CrystalGeyserman September 8, 2020
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