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A surfers slang term used to define the point where the surfer is paddling diagonally to ride the wave. First derived from two words 'Paddle' and 'Angle' as the surfer is paddling on an angle in conjuction with the wave to get to a point where the surfer can then ride the wave.

Padangle is a word used mostly in Australia, Sydney around the Northern Beaches. Word is also shortened and said to Padang, Pang and Pangle as this is easier to say.
Adams: "How do i get on the wave properly?"
Todd: "You need to Padangle to pick up your speed."
by Crisis_60 October 7, 2006
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A made up word used in a movie called 'Rush Hour' to make fun of a character played by Chris Tucker. G14 classified doesn't mean anything in real life but was made up on the spot in the 'Rush Hour' movie.
FBI Agent Adams: "Well, Carter, your particular assignment
is considered G14 classified."

FBI Agent 2:"G14 classified. That's good."

Detective Carter (played by Chris Tucker):"Y'all think this is real funny. Give Carter the big G14 classified case. I cannot believe this shit! First, I get a bullshit assignment,
now, Mr. Rice-a-Roni..."
by Crisis_60 October 7, 2006
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