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A lot of things happened that year:

- Osama Bin Laden was finally killed.

- The South was ravaged by tornadoes, notably places like Tuscaloosa, AL, Joplin, MO, and north Georgia.

- A really bad earthquake/tsunami hit Japan.

- A pretty good year for music (excluding Rebecca Black); artists like Adele and Foster the People became famous this year.

- New York legalizes gay marriage.

- Steve Jobs dies. :(

- A year for college sports scandals. Miami U gets involved in a Ponzi scheme, and legendary Penn State coach Joe Paterno gets fired amidst a sex abuse scandal caused by a former coach.

- A lot of sequels were released in theaters (for example, sequels to The Hangover, Cars, Transformers, and X-Men)

- The Packers win the Super Bowl.

All in all, a pretty mixed year. Still better than most of the years from the 2000's.
A lot of really good and really bad things happened in 2011.
by CrimsonTideLuvr May 13, 2012

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