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Rachel carey is a wonderful, kind, confident, pretty and has great body. She is great in bed and loves animals.
She can be bossy at times but is a great friend to have. She has an issue with sharing and has and can't always focus perfectly. She is very athletic and is a BIG party girl
Rachel carey and I were partying so hard last night
by Crazyass1234 August 10, 2015

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a race in which every person insists their dad was a brain surgeon, general, CEO, or related to the King of Persia, until the 'Revolution'.
Back in Iran, my dad was a brain surgeon/prince/general/CEO/ambassador. Then the revolution happened.

Oh really, how old was your dad during the revolution.

He was 11.

Dude, this persian is smoking too much hashish!
by crazyass1234 June 22, 2009

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