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Excreting down a partners anal region, then snorting the faeces into your nasal passages to leave a horrible smell in the nostrils which some find arousing.
Wanna go Connorbob your step mother?
I was Connorbobed last night.
You and me, down that alley, all alone, no one around, i'll Connorbob you till the break of dawn.
by Craig Corlett February 03, 2006
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A colloquel term for the well known 'skateboard'
Used throughout the youth of Guernsey, commonly used to describe both the adjective and noun
Wanna go Stoop-ed tonight?
Pass my Stoop-ed a minute
Stoop-ed rules!
Stoop-ed, the best invention since melted cheese
by Craig Corlett February 21, 2006
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