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John McCain. He considers himself a straight talking maverick, when in reality he is merely running on the promise of four more years of George W. Bush. Hence the name McSame.
A person who is older than the hills and is trying to be president.
A former POW who used his daddy's connections to make it into the Naval Academy, then cheated on his wife when she was maimed and crippled in a car accident and then married a much younger heiress to a beer fortune and cashed in to advance his political career.
Though McCain may have at one time been a rogue to his party and created some controversial bipartisan legislation, he is now no longer the straight talker he once claimed to be, and is simply a lackey for the GOP. He falls in with the party line and flip flops on his previously held convictions now that it is politically expedient to do so.
Also known as John McCentury because of his statement that he wouldn't mind if the US had troops in Iraq for 100 years.
Steve: Jesus, can you believe that with George Bush's approval rating at 29%, John McSame is actually still competitive?!
James: Don't underestimate the fact that half the country is unabashedly racist.
by Crack is Back June 25, 2008
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When something is really funny that it deserves more than a lol or even a rofl. The term comes from a reference to the oddly delicious meal combination of chicken and waffles that is often served in predominantly black eateries.
Similar to roflcopter, lollerskates and lolocaust, it is a funnier way to say something is funny in internet nerdspeak.
Steve: Why couldnt Hellen Keller drive?
Mike: I dunno
Steve: Because she was a woman.
Mike: hahahaahh. let's go to Roscoe's chicken and rofls.

by crack is back March 05, 2008
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A hispanic hipster. Like a blipster only brown - not black.

Pronunciation can be tricky, but hispsters are too cool to care.
Ramon is wearing an ironic t-shirt of the Ramones. God I hate hispsters.
by Crack is back June 12, 2008
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