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When one has limited or no service, then receives a ton of TM's after having received none for hours. The sound and sensation of this experience is similar to hitting a jackpot at a casino.
C- I hate cell phones after Hurricanes
V- Yeah I just hit the Text message Jackpot- messages from days ago.
by Courtney Mahler September 05, 2008

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When a person has a generator to power their house (because of large scale power outages), and offers one (who does not have power or a generator) to experience the greatness of a generator.
I think that the people next door didn't get power back because they did not offer their generatorness to us while we sat in the dark for 3 nights waiting for the Energy people to come
by Courtney Mahler September 05, 2008

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The primary person that one mates with
c- whats going on with you and yosh?
v- he's just my prime mate
by Courtney Mahler September 05, 2008

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I can't do anything today because I went out last night, got drunk and now have PADS
by Courtney Mahler May 10, 2008

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A male, similar to a guido; but most likely from south Louisiana.
Must have at least three of the following to be characterized as a Ronnie:
Gelled hair, holes in Jeans, button-up vertical striped shirt, large necklace, sun glasses with they are not needed, drives a civic that is lowered, drivers seat window is always down, driver seat is always pused down/back to the max, wears a wife-beater, shaved arms and/or legs, screen printed shirts (glitter, roses, crosses or affliction), Roided up, fist pumper, tanning bedded up, large female-type accessories.
White Ronnie: Ronnie
Mexican Ronnie: Ron-ito
African American Ronnie: Ty-ronnie
Arab Ronnie: Kor-ronnie
Asian Ronnie: Chi-ronnie or Ronnie-chon
Gay Ronnie- Yannie
Old Ronnie: Gronnie
Female Ronnie: Rhonda
Ronnie from Tickfaw: Tickfaw Ronnie/ Crystal meyth Ronnie
Lee Hoti Ronnie: Gotti Ronnie
Other Ronnie sub-cats include: Hurley Ronnie, Karate Kid Ronnnie and construction worker Ronnie..also a Frat boy Ronnie is a Fronnie
by Courtney Mahler May 06, 2008

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