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A large, food-sucking vagina; which bears a striking resemblence to a very fat Mexican.
Danzilla, the heathenous beast of hunger, proceeded to eat the world. Only Chuck Norris survived. He ate Danzilla.
by Corpsey July 04, 2006

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Reciprocal Preterite Verb.

A term, often used as an explative, to describe an event or action that resulted in an embarrassing, comical, or anger provoking outcome.
If someone cuts you off on the freeway, one might tell you: Dude! You just got F'd in the A by a grandma driving a pink Taurus! You're gay!
Or, if you are at a Halo party and "A flying waffle" just killed you for the 26 1/2th time, you might exclaim: Would you stop fuckin' F'ing me in the A? Gawd!
And finally, the epitome of F'd in the A-ism: If Chuck Norris round kicked you in the face, you would be royally F'd in the A, seeing as how Chuck Norris's roundhouse kicks can shatter stone, not to mention other round kicks.
by Corpsey July 04, 2006

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