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A Hella Dope Under 21 Club In Ocean City Maryland. Most Under 21 Clubs Are Lame Because They're Filled With 11 Year Old's Who Pretend To Get A Huge Buzz Off A Monster, But H20 Is The Shit Because It's At A Huge Tourist Location... 10 Bucks to get in before 8:30. They Have a Website too so google it... the facebook page is filled with pics of the recent nights.... filled with sexy chicks and places to sit... there is usually a 7/10 girl/boy ratio... if you watch the show jersey shore, and you fantasize about going to a club.... go here
Phill: Hey Bro, Wanna hit up Club H20 tonight?
Mark: Is It Just Another emo hangout for 12 year olds?
Phill: no, you gotta be 15, they ID At the door...

Mark: good, tired of seeing immature pricks at club empire
Phill: Me Too, buy some K2 On The Boardwalk, cool topics Sells To Anyone over 14...

Mark: Ight... Peace, ill be there...

Phill: Fuck Yeah!
by CoralReefer420 July 03, 2011
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