Where the scene/emo kids hang out, smoking and drinking, there is usually at least 2 or more police standing there and arresting people. The boardwalk is usually at a shopping center, but no one shops, they just stand there on their hiptops, trying to be cool.
Like omg, lets tell my parents that we're going to the mall and actually just hang out on the boardwalk, get magget and smoke a packet of cigarettes.
by 56467 June 24, 2009
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As in monopoly, something or someone that is seemingly unattainable but yet very desirable. Whether this is due to not being able to read or understand the person or object or whether the person or object is just too weird and indescribable (not to mention confusing and somewhat frustrating). If the thing you are describing is a person, it is someone who constantly surprises you and you are unable to rely on them due to their constant changes in behavior and attitude toward you. This also means you can go from loving them to hating them in a matter of seconds. If the thing you are describing is an object it is something that you cannot figure out its purpose or necessity to ever being invented.
Lindsay Lohan's strive to stay clean is a boardwalk just like Kate Gosselin trying to be normal.

Wearing belts when they are not attached to your pants via beltloops is a boardwalk- they aren't holding anything up!

Vince is a boardwalk...you never know WHICH Vince you are going to get.
by La-FAWN-duH! 132 January 5, 2011
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noun: about to die, literally "next to go" as in boardwalk's position on the monopoly board.
by dickk shunary February 7, 2009
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a simple-minded pun on a slang term for oxys, also known as OCs... (i.e. oxycontin/ocean city)

"going to the boardwalk" has become the newest way to tell your friends you plan on bumping, slamming or taking oxys
Person1: "ssgood?!! heard were going to the boardwalk?" tonight"
Person2:"Yeah boy I got a bunch of big boys.. were gonna get so fucked up!!"
by ismashthisverse February 20, 2010
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Uber people who can't hack I mean they can but oyu knkwo wut i menax



so uh

i used to be one

i think
bottles: okay, so, how to use this script injection? i know a few user table names! like USER and TABLE


bottles: #_o
by q83 July 6, 2004
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The people that yell at you, as your walking past the overpriced game they operate on the pier, trying to get you to spend your hard earned money and win a cheap prize.
The couple were walking on the pier when suddenly a boardwalk barker startled them.
by jpg3 July 20, 2015
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A bomb-ass show on HBO. Set in the 1920s, it is a show about a shady, cunning Treasurer Enoch "Nucky" Thompson during the Prohibition era in Atlantic City, New Jersey. This show includes his interactions with other shady characters in politics of that time, bootlegging, prostitution, murder and all that jazz. Despite being a show about the dingy, dangerous, roaring 20s, one can't help but long to have lived during that time...as a white man, of course.
Me: Man, I love Richard Harrow! He's the most awesome character in Boardwalk Empire!
Boyfriend: But his face is all fucked up.
Me: Fuck you! I'd bang him like a screen door during a tsunami!
Boyfriend: That's why you're awesome.

Margaret Schroeder is a holier-than-thou bitch. She must die.
by elysiansinnamon December 13, 2011
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