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A metalcore band from Sheffield, United Kingdom. They formed in 2004, and have released two albums, a remix album, an EP, and are working on a new album now (2010).


-This Is What The Edge Of Your Seat Was Made For EP
-Count Your Blessings
-Suicide Season
-Suicide Season Cut Up

The band consists of:

Oliver Sykes - Vocals
Lee Malia - Guitar
Matt Kean - Bass
Matt Nicholls - Drums
Jona Weinhofen - Guitar

Ex-members: Curtis Ward (guitar)

IMO, BMTH are a band that have progressed with time, and are now pretty good, that is if half the population who have heard the name tried listening to their actual songs and didn't troll or argue that they're shit. You're allowed your opinion, fine, but at least support it.

Pathetic little people such as scene girls need to confess their "love" for the band (primarily Oli), just so they can say it's true. Most of that fucking crowd don't like the band for their music, just their vocalist, which is shame.
Example 1:

Scene Girl:

lyk 0mfg Oli is soooo hawt! I "less than three" him! Bring Me The Horizon r liek the best band evar! For teh win!" (and various other internet speech purposely worded wrongly.)

Real BMTH fan who sees the band for the talent: Shut the fuck up you vacous whore. *Shoots scene girl*
by Conor234 May 27, 2010
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