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a form of exclaimation usually used by the incurably white. Its origins can be found in the exclaimation "Cracker, please!" often uttered by people of another race. Usually people who use crackapleez think they're black.
I'm tryin'to get some sleep! Y'all tricks need to shut the frick up! Crackapleez, yo!!
by Conor Casey March 09, 2006

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the increasing number of people now owning ipods. These people can be seen nearly everywhere you look, and can be identified by a pod-carrying strap around their upper arm, or a long, white cord snaking out of their pockets. It's estimated that in 7 short years, the Pod People will have completely overrun all major world governments. I should know. They already got me.
We are the Pod People. You will join us and will listen to over 10,000 songs at only 99 cents each. Resistance is futile.
by Conor Casey February 02, 2006

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